lak t’an – out today!

well, that pretty much sums it up.

you can get you digital copy at nearly every store you can imagine – the physical copies can be ordered with a nice mail to

get it!


news 08/12


sunny weather outside, time for some news. real news.

– our debut album is going to be released (by us) in two weeks, on august 31th. it’s called LAK T’AN, contains nine songs and has a total length of over 45 minutes. you can listen to the whole record here for free:

you’ll be able to buy the digital version at itunes, spotify, amazon and all the rest. worldwide, of course.

the touchy girls and guys will have to come to one of our shows (more about that later) to get their hands on the beautiful, beautiful cds we produced. (vinyl will have to wait.) but if you happen to be unable to attend, we’ve got a solution for that, too. just write an email to and we’ll send a copy to your home, bridge or even cell. it’s 10 € plus shipping and definitely worth more than two packs of marlboro. did we say they’re beautiful already?

– on september 5th, to celebrate the release, the notorious electro club GEWÖLBE opens its doors for a live band the very first time. yes, we’re the first. ever. this is going to be like curiosity landing mars or you discovering johann sebastian bach (have you? you should). you can find all the details here:

– and after that, tada!, we’re going on tour from september 6th till 9th! we’ll be in stuttgart, ravensburg, st. gallen and wil (well, mills in switzerland grind slowly, but we’re going to sort it out*). all details again on our beloved monopolistic social website: or here: you should really come around as we have no clue when’s the next time everyone of us will be able to leave their pets alone that long.

*update: no, we didn’t. no switzerland this time.

so, enough for the exciting news. see you soon!

ah, one thing, here’s the cover. drawn by lovely lisa bergsteiner. yes, it’s super awesome. (and you’re just looking at the crappy digital version. the real painting is 1,50 x 1,50. just saying.) 

news 04/12


we’ve been busy the last months and here are the results:

– our record is now complete. we’ve received the master tape last week and it’s a blast. we’ll keep you updated when we know how, and especially: when, it’s going to see the light of day.

– last month we’ve been out with our good friend (and fortunatelly great photographer) manuel tran to shoot our first band pictures. you can see some of them here:

– we’ll play our second show at the tsunami club on may 5th, with the awesome xul zolar. here are the event details:

– there are plans for a tiny, tiny tour in september. we’ll keep you updated on that, too.

yes. that’s it. for now.